Objective of the Blog

We are a group of 2 small amateur investors, who invest in the stock market to pursue Financial Independence. None of us is a professional investor. For this reason, we apologize in advance if we do not use the usual methodology or jargon.

However, we sincerely believe that investing in the Long-Term Stock Market is an investment strategy that can be of interest to many people, regardless of their education and saving capacity.

Our intention in creating this Blog is to share the analysis of companies that we do for ourselves.

However, we want to make it clear that the purpose of this Blog is not in any way to recommend anyone to buy or sell any company. We only share this information so that everyone can use it as they see fit, to make their own due diligence before taking investment decisions (see Legal Warning).

The Long-Term Investment Strategy

There are many different strategies when investing in the stock market, and each company adapts better or worse to each of them.

Our strategy is to buy companies so that we never have to sell them and one day live off the income stream from their dividends.

This strategy is known as Dividend Growth Investing: investing in solid companies that pay a growing dividend.

Buying and holding stocks is an investment strategy that guarantees a high degree of peace of mind. But on the other hand, it is crucial to select very well the companies in which we invest. The only way we know to do this is by carefully analyzing their history and financial statements.

We are aware that the past of a company does not guarantee its future, and that companies with a great performance in the past can have a darker future.

However, we need basis on which to invest and achieve our objectives, and this basis is analyzing the companies’ past and evaluating their prospects.

How do we analyze companies?

We have established homogeneous criteria that we use for all types of companies, and that allow us to establish a scale to classify them according to whether they are better or worse suited to our strategy.

This scale is based on the analysis of the public information provided by the company in its financial statements for the last ten years.

Applying this scale, we attribute a score out of 5 for each company, and according to these scores we establish a Ranking ordered from highest to lowest total score (we insist: scores are only valid for our DGI investment strategy).


In the Reports section, you can find details of all the data we have extracted from the financial statements of the companies analyzed.


In the Articles section, you can read our interpretation of these reports in a more developed and understandable way for those who are not familiar with figures and fundamental analysis of companies.


To fully understand what we include in each section of the blog, we recommend that you read the summary we have prepared on each of them:

How to read the Articles?

How to read the reports?


We hope you like Dividend Street. Please do not hesitate to participate and share your comments.

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