This blog consists in interpretative studies of the financial statements of several companies. We do not have information beyond the annual reports published by each of them, and therefore we cannot guarantee the veracity of the data presented, nor the objectivity of its interpretation.

Also, our reports may have some errors, or some misinterpretations. Therefore, we are not responsible for the use that can be made of them.

We believe it is necessary for each reader to draw their own conclusions, and for each investor to carry out their own analysis before taking any investment decision. Nobody should take this blog as the only source of information, and we strongly advise against using the data that appears in it as a basis for investing.

What is published here is solely an opinion, argued with the public data of the companies. In no case do we issue recommendations to buy or sell shares. We are not responsible for readers’ investments.

We will publish the purchases of stocks for our particular portfolios, as well as the price per share, as a transparency exercise. We strongly advice the readers not to imitate them without making their own due diligence. Each investor must be responsible for his own investments.

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